Dear Friends and Members of Worthington UMC,

The Special General Conference has just concluded. There is disappointment, discouragement, anger and deep concern as it appears our denomination has decided to become more exclusive in nature. Unfortunately we have taken a pathway that continues to hurt people and cause harm.

Having sat through the deliberations, I agree with Bishop Palmer that we need a few days to sort out what really happened and what next steps for the future may be.  (You can read Bishop Palmer’s letter by clicking here).

Saturday, March 2, at 10:00 am you can come to the West Ohio Conference Center to hear Bishop Palmer share or go to one of the several simulcast sites available on the WOC website to hear him share. Or wait a while longer and see the video on the WOC website. You can come Sunday, March 3, at 3:00 pm to the Reconciling Ministries Network gathering in the Potter Chapel. On that Sunday, we will also try to share in both worship services and Sunday schools some information from the Conference.

There is much about General Conference that is still not clear but what is clear is that we will worship on Sunday at 9:30 and 11:15 am. We will celebrate Holy Communion in breaking the bread and sharing the cup. We will sing and pray and share joys and sorrows. We will join together to worship God. We will laugh and cry and eat cookies. John Girard, John Ma and I will be your pastors and other staff will be in place and we will sort out ways we can share God’s love together and we will welcome all –regardless of age, gender, occupation, color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, language, gender identity, or anything else. We believe that all is all and we are called to share God’s love with all. No General Conference will change that.

So, we hope you will come – come, join us as we worship and as we step out to share the love of God with all.

Hope to see you in church.


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