Memorial Garden to be built on WUMC grounds

Description and purpose
The Memorial Garden was established to remember persons no longer with us and who rest in the sure and certain hope of resurrection into eternal life.  The Memorial Garden is designed to be a place of beauty, inspiration, encouragement, peace, tranquility, contemplative thought, prayer, a place where family and friends can meditate and remember loved ones, and a place to scatter ashes after cremation.  Historically cemeteries were often located on church grounds as an appropriate space of beauty and tranquility that provided for those who wished to be buried in the church garden.   Individuals may purchase an engraved memorial brick which will be placed in the garden walk and/or have their cremated ashes scattered in the garden.  The Memorial Garden is designed to be a place of life, faith, and renewal and can host other events such as weddings, baptisms, small receptions, and individual prayer.

In today’s busy and mobile society where people move from community to community and often do not have ties to one community, what better then, as a site to have a memorial and final resting place near a church which held meaning during life? The Memorial Garden is an integral part of our church facility and is an expression of our Christian faith and love. Here at Worthington United Methodist Church we dedicate our children to God in Baptism, proclaimed and heard the Good News of God’s love. The Memorial Garden brings to all a message of assurance and peace.  It is natural that the church should be a site for committal of ashes and the last rites of comfort.  Through the Memorial Garden, the Worthington United Methodist Church offers this as another means of proclaiming our faith and serving those in need.

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The trustees in conjunction with the lead pastor administer the Memorial Garden.

The Memorial Garden will be maintained by Worthington United Methodist Church.

All are welcome.

Memorial gifts are welcome and may be made to the church at any time. These funds will be placed in the Memorial Garden fund, reserved for the maintenance and furnishing of the garden.

Records of person whose ashes are scattered in the Memorial Garden and engraved bricks will be kept by the church and the date of their interment of ashes. No record of the physical place in the garden where the scattered ashes are interned or location of engraved bricks will be kept.

Interment of Ashes
The designated person or persons ashes will be scattered in the garden and will not be preserved intact or recoverable.

Application Procedure
Application for a Memorial Brick or scattering of cremated ashes may be made in the church office (click here to download an order form). Costs are subject to change as brick engraving is done by an outside company and the time frame for engravings may change.

Memorial Garden Policy
Garden Grounds Exclusions
Only Memorial Bricks, benches, and cremated ashes will be allowed in the Memorial Garden. There will be no additional markers, paintings, ornaments, balloons, glass vases, statues, plantings, flowers, wood or metal objects or additional decorations (urns, flags, chimes, flowers, etc.) added to the Memorial Garden. Such objects will be removed from the garden.

Cremated remains are to be given to the church in a biodegradable or disposable vessel for scattering in the garden.  Additional exclusions may be added to this document in the future by the trustees.

Right to Alter, Move, or Remove the Memorial Garden
The Worthington United Methodist Church in its sole discretion has the right to remove, relocate or dismantle the Memorial Garden, if the Church deems it is in its best interest. The Church will not incur any liability or obligation resulting from the loss or disturbance of the scattered ashes in the Memorial Garden.

Emergencies or Special Situation
The lead pastor, Board of Trustees and Admin Council are authorized to resolve any unique, emergency, and/or emergency or special situation that may arise, and make binding rulings on behalf of the church.

The Memorial Garden is not a cemetery or a columbarium. The garden is perpetual in nature and is a non-commercial venture that is the property of the Worthington United Methodist Church. No rights or privileges of any nature are deemed or granted to families of those having a Memorial Brick or ashes scattered.  All rights are reserved by the Worthington United Methodist Church and its Board of Trustees to make changes, now or in the future, to this policy and to the Memorial Garden.