Reopening Notice

Dear Worthington UMC Family,

What a year 2020 has been thus far!!  Your staff is missing each one of you and we know you are missing one another.  With prayerful anticipation we are looking forward to the time when we can be physically present with one another again. The leadership of Worthington UMC is glad to announce that, along with the recommendations and guidelines set forth by the State of Ohio, the Centers for Disease Control and the West Ohio Conference, we will begin a slow re-opening process for in-person worship activities at WUMC.

This letter is long but please read it through completely and carefully.

In-person worship will resume at Worthington UMC on Sunday, July 12, 2020.  Please remember as we share the schedule that this is not the way it will be forever, this is the way we are attempting to reopen safely.

We understand that everyone at Worthington UMC will have different levels of comfort about when they will return to church for in-person worship and activities. Continue to be safe. Continue to connect with each other. Continue to have hope.   And make the decisions that are best for you.  We support each person’s choice to worship in-person or continue worshiping online with us.

Our reopening schedule is as follows:
     9:00am   Traditional Type Worship Service; Approximate Capacity 90 people (Sanctuary)
     10:30am Emerge Type Worship Service; Approximate Capacity 60 people (Outside on the Lawn)
     1:00pm   Worthington UMC Online Worship Service. This will be a recording of the 9:00 am worship from earlier in the day

As we begin this re-opening, if it is raining on a Sunday morning, we will have only the one 9:00 am Service.  As we become familiar with the new flow of the morning, we may move the 10:30 am service inside if it is raining but for now, we will just have the one service if it rains.

The sanctuary has been marked to note seating arrangements and chairs will be preset outside for safe seating to satisfy social distancing requirements. Everyone will be seated by an usher. We ask that families (i.e. 2 or more people who live together in the same residence) arrive together to be seated.  Families will be asked to sit together and spacing will be maintained between families.

What to Expect
If you will be worshiping in person at Worthington UMC, please note the following:

  • All persons over age 2 are asked to wear a facial covering over the mouth and nose while they are in the building. Masks will be available to you as you enter the building, if needed; however, we ask that you try to remember to bring your own. If you are not able to wear a facial covering, please contact Cyndy Garn (, Lay Leader, Gari Aber ( or Ad Council chairperson, Tony Palmer ( ) to discuss your individual situation.
  • Upon entry to the building, each person will be asked to wash/sanitize their hands (designated stations for sanitizing/washing will be easily accessible)
  • For the 9:00 am service you will enter the church through the East double doors off the parking lot near the office entrance and exit through the south doors following the service. There will be greeters at the East doors to guide you to your worship space, and ushers to help you find your way following the service. There will be signs throughout the building to indicate traffic flow.
  • For the 10:30 am service you will enter the church through the East double doors off the parking lot near the office entrance and exit either around the sanctuary to the parking lot or back into the building and through the south doors. There will be greeters at the East doors to guide you to our worship space, and ushers to help you find your way following the service.
  • There will not be childcare, children’s ministry options, children’s church or children’s clipboards and goldfish available until further notice. If you will be attending with young children, they must be with you at all times.
  • You are asked not to arrive more than 15 minutes prior to the worship service that you are attending. Please exit the building/outside worship space within 10 minutes of dismissal from worship.
  • Social distancing and other actions supporting a safe, public space are expected by all persons. We must continue to care for each other by continuing to keep each other safe while we are together.
  • There will be special music at both services; we will not have congregational singing at the 9:00 am service as it is inside;  we will have limited singing at the 10:30 am service with masks.
  • Services will be shorter (30-40 minutes). While restrooms will be available for very limited use, we ask that you leave home like you would prepared for a long car ride where there are no rest stops.

Please note that this first phase of re-opening will NOT include our 8:30 am summer service in the Chapel.    For this summer, we will be combining the 8:30 and 9:30 services into the 9:00 am service.   Please remember we are on a journey and our early reopening approach will not be forever, but it is our best attempt to reopen in a safe environment.

Please continue to watch for additional information about study groups and other activities in the Messenger, eblast, website and other pieces of communication.   We will be announcing some outdoor concerts in the near future.

If you have questions or need further information, please reach out to one of our Leadership Team or a member of our Staff that you know.    In addition you can contact the church office or email one of the three persons listed above in this letter.

We hope you are staying safe in all you do

Your Re-Opening Leadership Team

Gari Aber                                  Cyndy Garn
Alicia Danforth                       Rob Kidder
Molly LaBadie                         Diane Meadows
Jarod Ogier                              Tony Palmer
Chris Stengel                            Ann Wheat

Additional Staff Involved:  Narmina Aliveya, Tim Berridge, Ashley Gerard, John Girard, Tony Giannamore, Eddie Jarrel, Kelvin Pool and Jessica Sapp